Keynote speakers

FIPLV World Congress 8–9 June 2012
Helsinki, Finland

Terry Lamb is Director of Teaching in the Department of Educational Studies at
Terry Lamb
the University of Sheffield. He is also Director of the MA in Applied Professional Studies in Education, a programme designed to support teachers at all stages in their careers to enhance their subject knowledge and to develop and disseminate their own classroom practice. His research interests include multilingualism and learner and teacher autonomy in language learning. He has a long history of working with subject associations and is currently President of the Fédération Internationale des Professeurs de Langues Vivantes (FIPLV). His publications include: Pedagogy for Autonomy in Modern Languages Education: Theory, practice, and teacher education (ed. with Jiménez 2008) and Pedagogy for Autonomy in Language Education in Europe: a Framework for Learner and Teacher Development (with Jiménez and Vieira 2007).
Terry Lamb talks about Project LACS, the ECML project he has been coordinating on behalf of FIPLV:
Teachers' TV programme where Terry Lamb featured:

Anna Mauranen is Professor of English at the University of Helsinki. Her
Anna Mauranen
current research and publications focus on English as a lingua franca, corpus linguistics, and modelling spoken language. She has also published widely on academic discourses, contrastive rhetoric, and translation. She is currently running a corpus-based research project on spoken academic English as a lingua franca (the ELFA project), and a project on Global English (GlobE Helsinki). Her major publications include: Exploring ELF: Academic English shaped by non-native speakers (2012), English as a Lingua Franca – Studies and Findings (ed. with Ranta 2009); Linear Unit Grammar (with Sinclair 2006), Translation Universals – Do They Exist (2004), Cultural Differences in Academic Rhetoric (1993).

Kiti Müller is Director and research professor of the Brain and Work Research
Kiti Müller
Centre at the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health. Her areas of expertise include neurotoxicology, neurology, traffic medicine, the brain and ergonomy. She has participated in expert group work on brain and mind well being, information work and future work issues. Through lectures and training she addresses questions on brain and cognitive fitness at work.
Kiti Müller from Campus ( on Vimeo:

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